Suspect flees state lines and caught by LeadsOnline

“While working an assault case, the victim stated her car was stolen in a neighboring county, but when it was recovered, none of her belongings were in the vehicle. The victim had a suspect name but did not know who stole her vehicle. The victim provided me with the serial number for her laptop that was in the vehicle when it was stolen. I ran the serial number through LeadsOnline and found where the laptop had been sold across the state line in Tennessee. The person who sold her laptop was the suspect she believed stole her car. I forwarded the information to the detective in the neighboring county who was able to recover the laptop and obtain warrants on the offender. The person who was arrested when the vehicle was recovered was not who the victim suspected of stealing her vehicle. With the laptop being sold in another state, the person who actually stole the vehicle would not have been arrested, and this case would not have been solved without the assistance of LeadsOnline.”

Det. Tim Busby
Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office

Electronics recovered from 10 shops across two counties

“Another awesome day for LeadsOnline searches! We recovered 10 laptops and a large screen computer monitor with over $8,000 in recoverable value! Oh, and did I mention the recoveries were from 10 different businesses?! From Carrollton to Haltom City and beyond! Over the last year our complainant’s DEVOUT employee stole laptops to support his meth habit. Once confronted with the inventory discrepancies, he cracked and admitted his transgressions. Would this have been possible without LeadsOnline? Not in a million years! Ten different businesses covering Dallas and Tarrant Counties? Not in a million years! Thank you LeadsOnline and my complainant thanks you!”

Det. Robbie Huckaby
Carrollton Police Department

Stolen laptop for sale online recovered by diligent Indianapolis detective

“Once again Leads has proven to be very valuable. I was assigned a case today and had information from a victim that he had found his laptop on eBay. I was able to use the eBay function on LeadsOnline and was able to immediately find out who the seller was. I was able to make contact with the seller who told me he bought the laptop through craigslist. After just a couple hours after having the case assigned to me, I was able to recover the victim’s laptop which would have otherwise have been shipped to someone who had purchased it on eBay. Thanks again.”

Det. Larry Craciunoiu
Indianapolis Police Department

University police find stolen property taken out of state

“Northwestern University police were able to locate six laptop computers were stolen by a former employee by using LeadsOnline. The computers were stolen here in Illinois, and subsequently located in three separate pawn shops in northwest Indiana. The location of these laptops ties in a major part of the investigation to where we could upgrade the charges to a higher class of felony.”

Sgt. Robert Wiley
Northwestern University Police Department

College student’s stolen laptop recovered; Spring Hill Police get an A+

“In April, I was advised of a missing laptop from a student on campus. The student was able to provide the make, model, and serial number of the missing computer. After filing a report from the student and talking with all the suspects that could have possibly taken the computer. I did a check of the computer at LeadsOnline which came up negative. I then saved the computer information for later activity on the item at local pawn shops. A month later I received an email advising me that the item had been sold at a local pawn shop. The information was used to obtain a confession and guilty verdict on the suspect. Thanks!”

Lieutenant David McLeod
Spring Hill Police Department