Stolen rifle in Texas is sold in Louisiana and is recovered with the help of LeadsOnline

“A complainant had just returned home from a hunting trip. He parked his truck at his apartments and went inside for the night. When he came out the next morning he found his truck had been broken into and his riflehad been stolen. Conroe PD got a LeadsOnline hit from Benton, LA. We called to verify the serial number and description of the rifle. Upon confirmation, we placed a hold on the gun. Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office recovered the firearm for Conroe PD from the business, and (per their policy) shipped it back to Conroe PD to be returned to the owner. We returned the rifle to the owner and he stated that it was the first rifle he had purchased and was happy to have it back.”

Anlst. Melissa Falcon
Conroe Police Department

Stolen gun recovered three years later by Mississippi detective. Never give up.

“I was checking my NCIC Hits and located a hunting rifle that has been stolen from a house in George County, MS three years earlier. The rifle had been pawned at a store in Jackson County, MS. The suspect was already in jail at the time, but this rifle was the last of five (5) that that had been recovered. It is great to be able to return property to people after they have been violated in such a manner. Thanks to LeadsOnline for what you do.”

Det. Jason Smith
George County Sheriff’s Department

LeadsOnline used by investigators in Cleveland County to find stolen guns and electronics

“A burglary was reported to the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department where several guns and electronics were stolen. Three days later, the 46 inch Samsung flat screen television that was stolen out of the residence was located at a pawnshop in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The Mossberg 410 shotgun had been sold at Money Mart Pawn Shop in Pine Bluff. The suspect also sold a Ruger 10/22, Knight Muzzleloader, and a Marlin 17 caliber rifle. The suspect has been identified and is in custody. Almost all of the property reported stolen has been recovered thanks to LeadsOnline.”

Det. Josh Bolland
Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department

Oklahoma detective finds gun stolen four years ago in gun store burglary; ATF recovers gun

“Detective Robert Whittington was given a LeadsOnline tip in reference to a stolen firearm that was located at a pawnshop in Lawton, Oklahoma. The stolen rifle was reported stolen out of Shawnee Oklahoma four years earlier. I made contact with the individual who sold the gun, who advised that he purchased the rifle around four years ago at a gun show and did not have his paperwork showing it. Sherman is in the military and stated he has never been to Shawnee, Oklahoma. I contacted ATF, who advised that a gun store in Shawnee had been broken into, and that the gun was one of many stolen. He advised that ATF would collect the gun from the pawnshop.”

Lt. William Grimes
Lawton Police Department

Rapid search of NCIC hits leads Washington police to wanted felon

“I was looking for stolen property and made a sudden decision to look at our NCIC hits while I waited for a phone call, and it really paid off. I found a rifle pawned in Kennewick that matched a rifle reported stolen out of Adams County, Washington. This led to identifying the offender, who had several aliases, eight felony warrants out of Nevada and one in Utah. The Adams County, Benton County and Elko County investigations led to locating him in Nebraska. When Nebraska authorities made contact with him, he fled in a vehicle and abandoned it to run on foot. He hid in a national park for several days before surrendering. Stolen firearms were located in the pickup he was driving. And to think, it’s all because I was waiting on a phone call.”

Det. Rick Runge
Kennewick Police

Firearms recovered from fleeing suspect

“Thanks to LeadsOnline I was able to locate and recover a stolen firearm for one of my victims. The suspect fled arrest and crossed state lines into West Virginia and sold the stolen rifle. Because of LeadsOnline the firearm was recovered and returned to the owner, and the suspect was later located and arrested for the B&E&L into a residence and Larceny of Firearms, along with several other charges.”

Lt. Lee Whitesides
Davie County Sheriff’s Office / CID
North Carolina

Stolen gun returned to owner four years after being stolen

“While searching LeadsOnline, I received a hit on a stolen firearm from a burglary in July 2009. The firearm was recovered and returned to the rightful owner. He was very happy to have his rifle back since he thought he would never see it again. This would have never been possible without the great service provided by LeadsOnline. Thanks for making my job easier, and making success stories like this happen every day.”

Inv. Steve Kimbel
Madison County Sheriff’s Office

LeadsOnline helps close cases in minutes

“Using LeadsOnline, I was able to find a stolen rifle that was taken from a vehicle overnight. I had no suspect information or physical evidence to process. LeadsOnline was able to provide me a suspect and location of the stolen gun that was sold in another city. Without LeadsOnline, checking local businesses would be a time consuming task. I completed the case in minutes, and it would have otherwise taken me hours. Thank you LeadsOnline.”

Det. Matthew Miller
Xenia Police Department

Stolen rifle missing since 1983 retrieved thanks to LeadsOnline

“Surry County Sheriff’s Office located a Ruger Carbine 44 magnum rifle in Winston Salem. I assisted in the recovery and was shocked to learn the gun had been stolen since 1983. Simply amazing that something could be stolen almost longer than I have been alive and then located. Simply awesome. Without LeadsOnline, this would not have been located. Thank you.”

Investigator Michael Griffith
Winston Salem Police Department
North Carolina

LeadsOnline re-opens suspended case

“In 2012, our agency took a report of a burglary with several hundred dollars of firearms stolen. There was no suspect at the time, and a preliminary investigation turned up no leads. The case has been suspended. In February, we received information through LeadsOnline, showing one of the stolen rifles was sold in a neighboring county. LeadsOnline has allowed the investigation to continue and will hopefully lead to arrests in our case.”

Detective Shane Jones
Ada Police Department

That’s my gun, bro’

“I entered a stolen firearm into NCIC in reference to a burglary from a business. LeadsOnline notified me of a possible pawn transaction and it was the same weapon stolen in my business burglary case. The person who pawned the rifle was the brother of the suspect identified in the case who was fully cooperative in the investigation. I think this is an excellent example of how helpful LeadsOnline is.”

Detective Beth Diaz
Glendale Police Department

Another firearm recovered and returned with NCIC, LeadsOnline, and Portland Police

“We received an NCIC hit on a rifle sold in a neighboring city. I checked the rifle and was able to positively identify it as the stolen one which was reported in 2013 after being taken from a vehicle. The rifle was recovered and returned to the owner. After interviewing the person who had sold the rifle it was found that he had purchased the gun several years ago at a gun show.”

Det. Travis Wiesman
Portland Police Department