Tiffany jewelry found on LeadsOnline; far more sanitary than the other method for searching

“The jewelry store Tiffany and Co called us to report that they had just discovered that somebody from their cleaning crew stole several items from a back storeroom. They noticed that some items were missing from a storage bin so they reviewed the surveillance video and it showed the cleaning lady taking some items out of this bin and placing them in her jacket. The next day they confronted her and she admitted to stealing several bracelets, earrings and key chains all worth $10,900. When the Deputy arrived to investigate she gave him all of the items except 2. She said that she thought she dropped them at a Circle K earlier that morning. She went to jail for theft and I went to SEVERAL Circle Ks and looked through numerous trash cans. I ended up taking out all of the trash piece by piece and no luck. The next day I checked LeadsOnline, and guess what? She had pawned the 2 missing items the same day she stole them! She ended up pleading guilty to the charges and Tiffany’s got the 2 missing items back.”

Det. Alberto Gutierrez
Pima County Sheriff’s Office