Tough lesson for this crook

“I wanted to make mention of another success story thanks to LeadsOnline. Seabrook Police Detective Ross Breeding checked the serial number of a camera stolen in a residential burglary through LeadsOnline and linked it to a suspect. The suspect was located and arrested after having been identified by a pawn shop clerk. At the time of the arrest, several hundred pieces of stolen jewelry were also impounded along with computers, electronic devices, and a plethora of other assorted small valuable items. This also cleared multiple burglary cases in the greater southern Harris county area, and resulted in several felony charges being filed against the suspect. While it may have been extra work, it is the sort of work a good police officer doesn’t mind doing because it brought smiles to some of those who were victimized. Thanks to LeadsOnline, it looks like we will have more satisfying work in the future. Bad guys are getting spanked by the technology thanks to LeadsOnline.


Det. Robert Warner
Seabrook Police Department