Vehicle burglary case, among others, solved with LeadsOnline

“I have only been using your program for about 8 or 9 months, but so far I have been able to solve several burglaries and thefts thanks to LeadsOnline. Officers of the Shreveport Police Department responded to a vehicle burglary in which a craftsman tool set was stolen from the vehicle. Upon their initial investigation it was learned that a neighbor had witnessed the burglary and provided officers with a license plate number. The case was then assigned to the Property Crimes Unit. Upon being assigned the case I ran the tag number and found that the car had been reported as unauthorized use against the owner’s son. I ran the son’s pawn history through LeadsOnline and found that he pawned the exact same tool set within an hour of the burglary. When presented with the facts that I had his pawn history, license number, and an eye witness, the son confessed to the vehicle burglary and was charged. The fact that I was able to locate his pawn history helped resolve this case and get the tool set back to its rightful owner.”

Det. Eric Farquhar
Shreveport Police Department