Victim’s watch stolen from athletic club and recovered with LeadsOnline

“I recently investigated a larceny in a building case where a Raymond Weil watch was reported stolen out of a local athletic club. The victim was unable to provide a serial number for the watch. I located a similar watch on LeadsOnline that was sold approximately four hours after the watch was reported stolen. The watch was sold to a shop in close proximity to my jurisdiction. The subject who sold the watch had a membership at the athletic club in question, and after further investigation, I proved the subject who sold the watch was my suspect. According to my suspect, he found the watch outside. Although I was not able to prosecute, I did locate my victim’s watch and got it back for him. The watch was a gift from his wife and meant a lot to him. The suspect ended up reimbursing the victim for money spent buying his watch back. This case would have never been solved without LeadsOnline, and my victim never would have seen his watch again.”

Det. Tom Danielson
Beverly Hills Police Department