Washington police solve property crimes thanks to web-based reporting system

“I have two recent cases where LeadsOnline played a key role: A burglary was reported with several power tools stolen, no serial numbers and a possible suspect listed. An initial check of LeadsOnline did not turn up anything. Two weeks later the suspect was checked again with records in other areas of the state. A check of the case report for updates now has serial numbers for the power tools…the stolen tools matched up to the transactions and confirmed the suspect originally listed. I recovered the stolen property and have two arrests out of it. In another burglary that was reported during March, an electronic gaming device was stolen… the victim did not know when the burglary actually took place other than sometime three months earlier, though they did list a possible suspect. A search of LeadsOnline for the last six months showed the suspect pawning in the area around the first week of December. Even though none of the property has serial numbers, the victim was able to match the electronic items. I recovered the stolen property and one arrest is pending.”

Det. Ross Kenepah
Lewis County Sheriff’s Office