A normal day using LeadsOnline solves cases for victims

“Recently, I investigated a residential burglary in which a high priced guitar was stolen from a residence. Several days after the burglary, we received a hit from LeadsOnline that an individual sold the guitar to a business in a different city. I recovered the guitar and returned it to the victim. Later, I had the opportunity to arrest the individual that sold the guitar to the business. After a long interview, the suspect confessed to this burglary as well as numerous others within the area. The suspect admitted he took all the property from the burglaries to the businesses. Based on this information, I was able to print off his transaction history in LeadsOnline and go over all property with the suspect to verify if it was stolen or not. This helped in recovering property and also led to additional charges of the suspect. Thanks LeadsOnline!”

Det. Darren Wolters
Normal Police Department