A small sampling of success with LeadsOnline

“Throughout this year, our relationship with LeadsOnline has been great. Recently, Det. Dunn had several success stories that he presented to you. During the course of two of my investigations from this month, I was able to identify property stolen during a burglary and a theft. The burglary was solved because the suspect was pawning the items the same day as the burglary. He sold an Xbox and DVDs to two separate stores in order to avoid detection. There’s an arrest warrant being issued in that case. The other case involves an elderly victim that has been victimized by his family. His granddaughters have been stealing from him and pawning the items for the past year. We were able to recover a metal detector and tools for him, and then make arrests. There are other cases from 2011 that led to two arrests of family members stealing $30,000 worth of jewelry. The suspects were husband and wife who were stealing from a family friend. LeadsOnline helped locate jewelry that was pawned in other jurisdictions and led to two arrests. These are just three of the cases that are fresh in my mind where LeadsOnline helped solve a case. We greatly appreciate all that you do and it has been a great success.”

Det. Brandon Vance
Newport Police Department