Detective recommends LeadsOnline to all departments nationwide after her success

“Hello, I’m a New Orleans detective and I had the occasion of investigating a theft where two leaf blowers were stolen from the bed of the victim’s truck. The victim provided serial numbers for the stolen property. One hour after the incident occurred, I checked LeadsOnline, but did not get a hit. The very next day upon checking LeadsOnline, I received a hit that the stolen property was sold at a business in Chalmette, LA. I was able to contact the business, place the property on hold and receive all of the information on the subject who sold the property. I subsequently placed a warrant for Possession of Stolen Property” out for the subject who was in possession of both leaf blowers. LeadsOnline is a very good tool in helping with investigations. I recommend all departments nationwide to get on board.”

Det. Tianay Marshall
New Orleans Police Department