High school thieves sell stolen iPod to ecoATM

“I received a report that our local high school was broken into. The suspects took an iPod from the desk of one of the teachers, and I showed the teacher how to look up her serial number through her iTunes account. I plugged in the serial number on LeadsOnline and ‘Voila,’ my suspect now has a name and a face. By the way, he was a former student at the high school, and his brother still is. They perfectly matched the description of our suspects. The great thing was that it wasn’t recovered at a secondhand shop. Our local mall has a new machine called ecoATM, where you can insert an old electronic device, and it will give you money for it. Thank goodness the company that owns the machine is hooked up with LeadsOnline! This is yet another time you have solved a case for me. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks!”

Det. David Coffman
Newton Police Department
North Carolina