Three cases solved with one search

“A Deputy in the Nye County Sheriff’s Office took a report of a burglary. Upon returning to the office, the Deputy ran the property through LeadsOnline. Immediately, he got a hit for a camera in LeadsOnline that had been taken during the burglary. The Deputy and I identified that the suspect who had pawned the camera was also identified as a possible suspect in a burglary of a residence down the street as well. Using the information provided by LeadsOnline, police tracked the suspect down. Interviews and further investigation identified two additional suspects involved in this case. All three individuals were arrested and were booked into NCSO Detention Center. A search warrant was executed on the suspect’s residence and a majority of the stolen items were recovered from the residence. During a search of the residence, several items were also located that had been taken during a third burglary that had not previously been linked to these suspects. So, in whole, due to the Deputy running the serial number of a camera through LeadsOnline, we were able to apprehend three burglars, close out three seperate and unrelated burglaries, and the investigation is still ongoing into other possible burglaries.”

Det. David Boruchowitz
Nye County Sheriff’s Office