Investigator able to solve entire case from his desk

“I recently had a family who had to put their daughter and boyfriend out of the house because of personal conflict. The father was in the hospital and not in the house to notice numerous hunting knives, old coins, compound bow and numerous tools and pieces of unique turquoise jewelry missing. The mother was looking for some of the coins to take to her husband in the hospital and discovered they were missing. This led to her looking for other valuables that her husband asked her to check on. She discovered the above mentioned items missing and reported them to us. I immediately worked on getting into LeadsOnline and checking the database for the daughter and boyfriend to see if they had sold any of the missing items. I immediately made a successful hit on the turquoise jewelry that had been sold by the boyfriend. I am still working the case and finding more items that were stolen from his ex-employer, but never reported. This individual has a lengthy felony history and is going to be going away for a long time thanks to the information tracked by LeadsOnline. This all happened from the comfort of my desk without burning a drop of gas! How nice not to have to beat the streets searching all the businesses anymore!”

Sr. Inv. K.H. Jordan III
King and Queen County Sheriff’s Office

Ain’t friendship beautiful?

“In the past three weeks our department has recovered $25,000 in property. Since our first trial with LeadsOnline in 2010, we have had a significant amount of success. Without LeadsOnline, our success rate and recovery of property would be much different. Thank you.”

Sr. Ofc. Steve Frantz
Eagle Point Police Department

Search features deliver extra evidence

“I have been able to search by a suspect’s name and time period, allowing me to recover stolen property, and even more evidence against my suspect. My victim and I are both happy customers thanks to LeadsOnline!”

Sr. Ofc. Amanda Cryer
Rocky Mount Police Department
North Carolina

Stolen watches returned to victim

“I was working a burglary where I was trying to find eight stolen watches. I found three of those watches that were a positive hit and identified by the victim. Thank you for allowing me to share my story.”

Support Specialist Jessica Ryder
Pima County Sheriff’s Department

Stolen musical instruments returned to church in Kentucky

“Our agency had a burglary complaint from a local church. Trooper Whitaker responded to the church and spoke with the pastor who explained they had some musical equipment stolen. At the time there were no leads. I logged into LeadsOnline to check if any of the stolen items matched any from my agency. I found a guitar and other equipment that was sold in a city about two hours from the church. When I checked the subject’s name, I quickly realized he lived about half a mile from the church that was burglarized. I immediately called the business to make sure they still had the items in their possession, and luckily they did. I explained to them the situation, and they were very understanding. I contacted Trooper Whitaker and advised him of the findings, and he was familiar with the suspect. He retrieved the items from the business and returned it to the church where they were able to enjoy them once again. Trooper Whitaker also located the suspect who gave a full written confession for the crime. Since then, he has been indicted on the charges. Without LeadsOnline these items would have never been recovered and an arrest would not have happened so quickly.”

Trooper Daniel Vossmer
Kentucky State Police

11 felony charges from one search

“The first case I solved using LeadsOnline generated roughly 11 felony charges, including theft and pawn violations. Searching with this program helped me locate stolen property fast enough to locate its rightful owner. I didn’t even need serial numbers since I had one suspect’s name. I also just had a patrol officer hand me three printouts from LeadsOnline regarding a theft case she was working on. It helped me solve the case and retrieve all the stolen property within one day. Using the serial numbers, I tracked down three different felony pawns.”

Jeremiah Brunner
Arvada Police Department

Prolific burglar caught in Michigan

“Using LeadsOnline, I was able to locate a stolen bicycle in an adjacent county. The bicycle was recovered, and I opened a much larger investigation into the suspect who had been stealing and pawning for months. I would not have been able to complete my investigation without LeadsOnline!”

Michael Romanowski
Birmingham Police Department

Vehicle burglary solved in less than 24 hours

“LeadsOnline does it again! I took a report of a vehicle burglary in Boise. The victim is in town temporarily for medical treatments. I was not given a serial number for the two cordless drills stolen, but decided to search for one of them due to its unique model name `Black and Decker Cyclone drill.` The next day, I received notification from LeadsOnline that a match had been found! A person of interest pawned two drills the day of the burglary, one of which was the Black and Decker (though it was entered as a Super Cyclone, LeadsOnline still matched it). I contacted the shop, and they verified the drill did have the victim’s name etched on it. An arrest is pending, and the victim will get his drills back. I cannot thank the staff of LeadsOnline enough for the service they offer and the continued support of law enforcement. THANK YOU!”

Rick Nielsen
Boise City Police

Rapid search results from online database leads police to stolen bike

“I reviewed a stolen bike report filed online with our agency. The report was filed two weeks after the theft occurred. The victim was able to provide a detailed description of the bike including the serial number. I entered the serial number into the LeadsOnline database and immediately got a hit for the bike being pawned on the same day it was last seen. A warrant for Felony Grand Theft awaits the suspect. This is not the first time I have had great success with LeadsOnline. Thank you LeadsOnline!”

Rick Nielsen
Boise City Police Department

Stolen laptop recovered at local business

“LeadsOnline has been a great help! I recently took a report of a vehicle burglary where a laptop was stolen a few days prior. I searched in LeadsOnline by serial number and found the stolen laptop at a local shop. I got the ticket number with ease and seized the laptop as evidence. Thanks LeadsOnline for making my job easier!”

Kelsie Webb
Boise Police Department

Florida police use nationwide database to find stolen property

“I have two LeadsOnline success stories – Inv. Morris got a hit on a Nintendo system taken during a burglary. The property was recovered, but there were no charges since the guy who pawned the item bought it on the street and the complainant refused to press charges. I also located a bike that was taken in another incident. While looking for another bike, I recognized the bike from a case I had assigned to Inv. Goldwich. The bike was recovered, but again, there were no charges because the guy who pawned it bought the bike on the street.”

Sgt. Robert Digonzalez
Tallahassee Police Department

LeadsOnline is one of law enforcement’s best assets

“I took a report for larceny and while I was interviewing the victims, I found my suspect and the stolen property using LeadsOnline. Five days later I had a confession and another crime solved. This is by far one of the best assets we have when dealing with property crime.”

Sgt. David Jackson
Trent Woods Police Department
North Carolina

University’s stolen music instruments recovered

“Police Officers with Trinity University Police in San Antonio received a report on the theft of several musical instruments from our music department. The following day I got the report and immediately began to search for the instruments on LeadsOnline. After entering the first instrument I found it, and I was able to identify a suspect. Looking at his history in LeadsOnline, I located three of the four instruments in local resell shops. Those instruments were recovered, and the suspect was positively identified, arrested and confessed. I filed the case this morning! This would have been almost impossible without LeadsOnline! Thanks!”

Sgt. Charles Lopez
Trinity University Police

LeadsOnline helps return generator to elderly man, warming hearts and toes

“There was a theft of a generator from an elderly victim. The complainant only knew that his generator make started with the letter ‘S’. A LeadsOnline search revealed a Stromcat generator sold in Laredo, Texas. The search also revealed a suspect who lived in the area where the generator was stolen from. I then searched for the suspect and located him at the Webb County Jail. The suspect had been arrested on another theft and burglary in Laredo. Thanks to LeadsOnline, the generator is going to be returned to the elderly man who stated that he needed it to keep his electric heater going through this cold nights.”

Sgt. David Liendo
Webb County Sheriff’s Department

There’s no flat screen TVs where this electronic thief is heading

“A male suspect was living with a family that trusted him as a friend. Before Christmas, he decided to move on to another residence. According to the complainant, the suspect not only moved on by just taking his personal belongings, he took several flat screen TVs and PlayStation 3 consoles without consent of the owners. Of course the suspect was dumb enough to sell the items at a business, and LeadsOnline found him quick. At least now the complainant’s family will have a Happy New Year. Unfortunately for the suspect, well he is going to jail for theft, and there are no flat screen TVs or PlayStations at our County Jail.”

Sgt. David Liendo
Webb County Sheriff’s Office

Five Illinois suspects arrested for burglarizing homes, garages, and vehicles

“Our department arrested five suspects for several residential, garage and vehicle burglaries. After further investigation, we found that one of the suspect was selling the items. We ran that suspect’s name through LeadsOnline and found several items that were pawned. We were able to secure the items and all suspects were charged accordingly. Thanks again.”

Sgt. Vince La Manna
Westchester Police Department

Widow’s jewelry recovered. Disabled son’s caregiver arrested.

“I recently had a case where a 67 year old widow was the victim of a burglary. She immediately suspected her son’s care giver. Her son suffers from Cerebral palsy. Several items of jewelry were taken in the burglary. She stated the only things she was really concerned with were her and her husband’s wedding bands. She stated the rings were purchased in the 70’s at a cost of approximately $900 for hers and $750 for his. She stated she did have the rings appraised several years ago and the values were $5,000 and $3,800. A quick and easy check of LeadsOnline showed that the subject/care giver involved had been pawning small items at a local pawn shop but nothing related to this case. He had pawned some old coins and broken pieces of jewelry along with a small ring. After talking to the victim again she stated last year she had a full length black mink coat stolen, appraised value $15,000. There was no forced entry and no arrest had ever been made. She then stated that she had recently realized that several of her deceased husband’s old coins were missing. I asked about any broken jewelry and she stated she did notice that several pieces were missing but never reported it. To make a long story short the care giver was arrested, the broken jewelry at the store was recovered and was hers. The subject had not pawned the wedding bands yet as he knew they were very expensive looking and was thinking of keeping them. The wedding bands and other stolen jewelry were recovered. Also the suspect confessed and gave me the pawn shop that the mink coat was taken to. After 1 year in storage the coat was still there and the victim got her coat back too; thank you LeadsOnline.”

Sgt. Daniel Serrano
Westland Police Department

Jet fuel

“7:45 – Started coffee., 7:50 – Reviewed last night’s reports., 8:00 – Read report of larceny: jewelry. Roommate listed as suspect., Checked LeadsOnline., 8:15 – Listed suspect pawned stolen jewelry day after moving out., Case closed., 8:16 – Coffee still warm.”

Sgt. Daniel Serrano
Westland Police Department

Stolen iPad recovered by Illinois Police

“Once again, I want to thank LeadsOnline. I was able to track down a stolen iPad that was taken in a burglary. I found that the iPad was pawned the day after the burglary. I was able to obtain all the information on the suspect and video from the pawn store. An arrest was made just a few days later. Thanks again for all of your help.”

Sgt. Vince Lamanna
Winchester Police Department

North Carolina police solve cases quickly with LeadsOnline

“Quickest turn around in my career thus far! Within 20 minutes of the original report being made, we located the stolen items in one of our local businesses. In less than two hours, the property was identified, recovered and returned to the rightful owner. This makes us look like rock stars to our community, and we couldn’t do it without LeadsOnline.”

Sgt. Valerie Blanton
Wrightsville Beach Police Department
North Carolina

Police become local rock stars with LeadsOnline

“Quickest turn around in my career thus far. Within 20 minutes of the original report being made, we located the stolen items in one of our local shops. In less than two hours, the property was identified, recovered and returned to the rightful owner. Makes us look like rock stars to our community – couldn’t do it without LeadsOnline.”

Sgt. Valerie Blanton
Wrightsville Beach Police Department
North Carolina

Suspect feeds gambling addiction by stealing property on the job

“Earlier this summer, I performed a search under the repeated transactions section of LeadsOnline. I discovered a person who did contract labor for three different companies had stolen equipment from all three. The person sold the items to support a gambling addiction. As a result of this investigation, over $75,000 worth of equipment was recovered, all thanks to a cold search through LeadsOnline.”

Sgt. Brad Mcmahan
Lubbock Police Department

Sentimental and invaluable jewelry recovered

“My victim took on the task of caring for her dying mother the last few months of her life in her home, but she needed help. She had a regular handyman help with the upkeep of her house, and she paid his wife to act as a caretaker, helping care for her mother. After the victim’s mother died on January 4th, she began the task of going through her keepsakes. The victim first noticed the ring that her mother always wore as missing. She also noticed her own wedding ring missing from her own bedroom that she had put away when her husband passed away. I did a search through LeadsOnline and learned that the female caretaker had pawned over 20 items of jewelry belonging to the victim and her deceased mother. The victim did not even realize that much of her mother’s jewelry was missing. The pawn shop cooperated with the investigation, but regrettably, only a portion of the jewelry was recovered. The caretaker was arrested and charged with felony theft. It was learned that she had been stealing from the dying mother and the victim over the course of three months. Luckily, the victim recovered her wedding ring and some of her mom’s jewelry, which all had sentimental value above and beyond the appraisal value.”

Sgt. Michael Jones
Matteson Police Department

Another theft solved because of LeadsOnline

“Another success story that wouldn’t have happened without LeadsOnline. We had a theft of a laptop computer with no suspects. Turns out it was a ‘friend on friend’ crime. A quick check with LeadsOnline showed where the computer was and who sold it. Another victim was reunited with their property thanks to LeadsOnline. Keep up the good work.”

Sgt. Robert Wiley
Merrillville Police Department

Check LeadsOnline, recover property, arrest suspect, close the case. It’s that easy.

“I recently had a case where my victim was a sister of one of our officers. She was convinced the person who stole her items had sold them on the street for quick cash. My first response was to check LeadsOnline. The leads acquired led me to two local pawn shops. Not only did we get her items back, but I found other items that she had not discovered stolen. All property was returned to the rightful owners.”

Sgt. Robert Wiley
Merrillville Police Department

Mountain Brook PD makes a rapid recovery with LeadsOnline’s reliable system

“Using LeadsOnline, I was able to locate property stolen during a burglary only hours after the offense occurred. I was able to quickly identify one suspect from a transaction ticket. Within a couple of days, I recovered the property and had three suspects identified and charged. The victim was impressed. This could not have happened as quickly as it did without your service. Thanks.”

Sgt. Jaye Loggins
Mountain Brook Police Department

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