Two suspects, two backpack blowers, two arrests solved withing two days

“I had two different cases where $500 backpack blowers were stolen and sold on the same day of the theft. One blower was sold locally and the other blower was sold in another county. There were two different suspects involved in the cases. With the help of LeadsOnline the blowers were located and returned to the owners within two days of the theft.”

Det. Gilbert Galloway
Pensacola Police Department

LeadsOnline helps solve string of BB gun vandalism cases

“While investigating a string of BB gun vandalism cases, we were able to trace the suspect’s vehicle to a local Walmart. When reviewing the video from Walmart, it looked as though two college-aged males stole several BB guns and a hoverboard scooters. Loss Prevention at Walmart was able to identify the products, and a search was conducted for those items using LeadsOnline. LeadsOnline showed the scooter was located at a business, having been sold the very next morning after the theft, while an air rifle was sold later in the afternoon at another business. This information was extremely helpful in identifying the suspects and taking them into custody where both males admitted to committing the thefts, the pawn transactions, and the numerous counts of vandalism.”

Det. William Jarrett
Port St. Lucie Police Department

Another classic case of iPad theft solved by LeadsOnline

“On one of our B&E the suspect took an iPad. When the owner got us the serial number I ran it through LeadsOnline. LeadsOnline found the item and suspect right away. The iPad was sent back to the owner and the suspect was arrested. Later he was found guilty in court.”

Sgt. James Kerney
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department
North Carolina

Detective locates stolen camera that also leads to victim’s stolen truck

“We had a residential burglary where the suspect took a Cannon camera and escaped in a truck stolen from the residence. The victim was able to supply us with a serial number for the camera. Once we entered the serial into LeadsOnline, the camera was immediately shown to be at a business. After recovering the camera and receiving the information on the person who sold it, it was just a drive to the residence of the person who sold it to recover the truck.”

Det. Eric Miller
Sandoval County NM Sheriff
New Mexico

A single check of LeadsOnline leads to identifying twelve stolen items

“After a recent overdose in our town, our investigation led us to the name of female who was also a drug user. After interviewing her parents, it turned out they had spoken about numerous items that had been stolen from their residence but never reported to police. After a check of Leadsonline, it was confirmed the missing / stolen items from the parents’ house had been sold by their daughter. Regarding this case, I was able to ID 12 items. Leadsonline is the best!”

Det. Robert Deko
North Branford CT PD

Difficult case turned simple thanks to LeadsOnline

“I was assigned a B&E as an investigator with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia. Several items were stolen including two Xbox One controllers and a video game. These items were sold to a business in the area on the same day as the B&E. I searched LeadsOnline, found these items, and identified my offender who was also listed as a suspect in the original report. This case would have been difficult to work but thanks to LeadsOnline it was a simple one.”

Inv. Steven McMillan
Montgomery County VA Sheriff

Investigator recovers stolen items and arrests suspect only days after using LeadsOnline

“I was assigned a vehicle burglary with no suspect information, a serial number for 1 GPS unit, and only descriptions of the rest of property taken. I had just got my LeadsOnline account and was using it for the first time. I checked the serial number first and got no hits, but then I entered the description of a pair of $500 prescription sunglasses stolen and got a hit at a local business. The victim positively identified the sunglasses as hers and they were recovered. From there, I entered the suspects name into LeadsOnline and found that he sold more items at another nearby business the same day. I went to that business and recovered the rest of the items that had been stolen from the victim, as well as several other GPS units stolen in other burglaries. I found out that the reason the GPS unit did not show up was because the business employee had entered the serial number wrong. That’s when I learned that even if you don’t get a serial number hit, search by description as well! I was able to get video surveillance footage from the businesses, a confession from the suspect, and he was arrested for the burglary only days after the initial crime. Since then, I have solved numerous other property crimes and have recovered multiple items stolen using LeadsOnline. I strongly believe every Law Enforcement Agency should have this service, more crimes would be solved and at a faster rate then the old way of traveling to businesses and checking pawn tickets once a month.”

Inv. Robert Carvin
Bastrop County TX Sheriff

Detective able to return elderly widow’s jewelry thanks to LeadsOnline

“I located some stolen property that had been sold in Fort Worth. The stolen property, later sold by a suspect, was taken in the burglary of a habitation of an 80 year old widow. The LeadsOnline information helped me secure two confessions and easily place a hold on the property, which was awarded back to the victim. I would not have had the time nor the opportunity to search for these items over in the metroplex, had it not been for this service. The property recovered included a necklace and rings that were given to the elderly widow by her late husband before he passed.”

Det. Jory Jimenez
Mineral Wells TX PD

LeadsOnline training leads to capture of serial burglar

“While being trained by Russell on how to use the search functions of LeadsOnline, we identified a serial burglar. Utilizing two search functions of LeadsOnline, we identified a suspect that had sold 81 items of Jewelry at five different locations, with 48 separate tickets. There was a break in activity; however, research showed he was incarcerated during this period._x000D_The County task force was contacted, since the sales were being done outside of our jurisdiction. Within 48 hours, the task force that was surveying the business made an arrest on the suspect selling jewelry from a recent burglary. He subsequently confessed to over two dozen recent burglaries, and also gave up drug information. Russell did a great job training us. By identifying and pointing out red flags, it led to the capture of a serial burglar and solved dozens of open cases within the county.”

Ofc. Mark Conachen
Richmond MI PD

Investigator uses LeadsOnline to find and recover student’s stolen trumpet

“While scrolling through sales today, I saw a trumpet that had been sold for $20.00. I thought to myself, “Who sells a Stradivarius trumpet for $20.00?” Then I thought, “Nobody who got it by legitimate means.” Yep, I was right! It had been stolen from an auto breaking. The victim was a college student trying to make his way through life, attending college and playing in the marching band. Well, now the beat marches on. The trumpet was recovered and the offender was prosecuted. LeadsOnline makes this too easy. By the way, the value was $1,500.00 (I may have went into the wrong line of work)! On second thought, nah, I enjoy what I do.”

Inv. Michael Griffith
Winston-Salem NC PD
North Carolina

LeadsOnline helps Detective to recover property that was stolen during a breaking and entering

“I was able to solve and seize property that was taken during a breaking and entering. The property was sold to a business outside our jurisdiction. I will be able to issue warrants for both the breaking and entering and larceny. Winston Salem PD will be able to issue a warrant for the obtaining Property by False Pretense. This case would not have been solved without the LeadsOnline information. Thank you LeadsOnline.”

Det. Reta Nichols
Surry County NC Sheriff
North Carolina

Detective recovers all of the victim’s stolen property in mere weeks by using LeadsOnline

“We were able to locate and seize property stolen during a breaking and entering in Surry County, based on the information being entered by a business in early September. The property was reported stolen at the end of October. I was able to issue warrants for the breaking and entering, larceny, and also possession of firearm by a felon. This case would not have been solved if it had not been for LeadsOnline. Thank you.”

Det. Reta Nichols
Surry County NC Sheriff
North Carolina

Church’s stolen property recovered with help from LeadsOnline

“In April, we were able to prove that the property on a specific ticket that was sold to a business in mid-March had been stolen from a local church. I picked the property up from the business, and will be issuing charges on the individual who sold it, as well as her boyfriend who was with her. Thanks to you, LeadsOnline.”

Det. Reta Nichols
Surry County NC Sheriff
North Carolina

Detective finds suspect with LeadsOnline before they had a chance to sell more stolen property

“Well thanks again, LeadsOnline! I had one suspect identified on a business video but did not have an ID on the second suspect involved with a theft. I entered the suspect’s ID, that I did have into your system, looked for known associates, and found information on the possible suspect. This ticket had a photo scan of the customer that matched the suspect I was trying to identify. Presto, another case cleared without suspect even pawning the stolen property.”

Det. Kerry Thorpe
Murfreesboro TN PD

Deputies use information from LeadsOnline to catch wanted robber

“I received information that a wanted subject had recently sold an item. This information was gathered by LeadsOnline. LeadsOnline informed me of the subject’s address and that the subject had an active criminal warrant for Robbery. Deputy A. Madrid and I attempted to locate the subject at the address provided by LeadsOnline. Upon arrival, I observed a silver passenger van leaving the listed residence, driven by a male subject matching the description. After a traffic stop of the vehicle, the driver was identified, taken into custody, and booked for the outstanding criminal warrant for Robbery with no bond.”

Dep. Juan Garcia
El Paso County TX Sheriff

Lieutenant notified by LeadsOnline and leads to the arrest of two criminals

“On March 10th, I began an investigation into two separate reported theft and “break ins”. These two incidents initially involved two unknown suspects and the incidents were believed to be committed on or before March 9th. I became aware of the theft of a Samsung 32″ smart TV while inspecting the crime scene where a Jeep Cherokee SUV had been rummaged through by unknown suspects. The TV was stolen from a shop/garage and the Jeep was at a neighboring residence. For ten days, I conducted numerous computer based searches for the selling or pawning of the smart TV. No viable suspects had been identified for these incidents through my searches. The suspect or suspects are believed to have possibly walking from a parked car or local residence and carried the smart TV from it’s original location from the victim’s shop/garage. This belief is due to the viewing of a surveillance recording by SGCSO, Deputy Bryan Berg during his investigation referencing the Jeep Cherokee. I conducted a canvas of the immediate area, but did not identify suspects. On March 20th, I closed these investigations due to no suspects being identified. On April 4th, I reopened investigations into the stolen smart TV and the car break in. In addition, I associated another reported incident to the same initially unknown suspects. This incident referred to a burglary and theft of a Stihl chainsaw from a garage within a short walking distance of the other incidents. This incident was reported after the victim had realized his chainsaw was missing. He recalled that his garage door was suspiciously left open a few weeks prior to him reporting the chainsaw stolen in late March. I was notified by LeadsOnline that a hit on the victim’s chainsaw’s serial number had been noted. After confirming the serial number hit was accurate, I contacted the business. I learned that the suspect had not only sold the victim’s chainsaw, but the 32″ Samsung smart TV on March 9th. The suspect reportedly signed documents with the business and provided identification. The business advised me the chainsaw and the smart TV had already been sold and no documentation are kept of persons buying items from them; therefore, the current locations of the items are unknown. On April 5th, I continued this investigation and learned the suspect had a warrant for his arrest issued by Perry County. The charge related to the arrest warrant was for Burglary without forced entry. I contacted Perry County Sheriff’s Detectives and learned that on March 16th, Perry County Deputies identified my suspect along with three other suspects as persons who were in the act of committing theft from cars and burglaries of garages in Perry County. Two of these suspects have been arrested, but the other two, including my suspect, remain at large. I am seeking arrest warrants for the suspect and continuing this investigation.”

Lt. Lance White
Sainte Genevieve County MO Sheriff

Criminal charged after Lieutenant uses LeadsOnline to see he was present during the crimes

“In September, we had a rash of car burglaries in a subdivision in our town. There were 26 cars broken into, including a law enforcement vehicle. We were able to collect evidence from the area, which led to us discovering a fingerprint on an item. The suspect was identified through the Automated Fingerprint Identification System and we questioned him, but he denied ever being in that area. We searched for him on LeadsOnline and found that he had sold an item to a store in the area, which included a cell phone number for him that he did not provide us with. We did a search warrant on that phone number and the results put him in the area at the time of the burglaries. Without LeadsOnline we would not have made that connection. He has been charged and is pending in court now. Thanks”

Lt. Joel Massey
Fayetteville TN PD

House-sitter caught and charged by Detective using LeadsOnline

“My victim returned home from a six-week trip to Georgia, and found several things taken from his residence; including his class of 1978 high school ring. Using LeadsOnline, I was able to locate the ring at a pawnshop in the next county to the east. I searched LeadsOnline for any other transactions from the person who sold the ring, and I found 7 other transactions at 4 different businesses. I was informed by my victim the suspect was the girlfriend of the person he let house-sit while he was away. I entered his house-sitter into LeadsOnline as well, and located more of his property at 2 additional businesses. All in all, we were able to recover most of the stolen merchandise and successfully charged the two suspects, thanks to LeadsOnline.”

Det. James Lear
La Porte County IN Sheriff

Officer able to recover stolen phones in under 48 hours by using LeadsOnline

“Our agency had a theft of cell phones from a local YMCA. This particular YMCA has had a significant amount of theft, which has often gone unsolved. A quick LeadsOnline check confirmed the phones, a total value of $500, had been sold to a nearby ecoATM. They were able to be removed from the machine before they were sent out! A suspect was quickly located and it was learned that his sister had stolen the items, which she later admitted to. Case closed in about 30 hours!”

Ofc. Ryan Utt
Gahanna OH PD

A contractors worst nightmare doesn’t end so bad after LeadsOnline locates his stolen tools

“I was given a theft report involving stolen tools. The victim is a contractor who hired several subcontractors to complete a renovation of a residence. The victim’s tools were stolen from the job site. Several names were given as suspects. I ran those names through LeadsOnline and was able to locate some of the stolen property. This case was only able to be closed with an arrest due to LeadsOnline.”

Det. Matthew Davila
Miami Township Police Department – Milford

An ex-girlfriend on probation is arrested for stealing her boyfreind’s Xbox

“I was investigating a theft where an Xbox was stolen from a residence by the victim’s ex-girlfriend. Luckily we had the serial number for the Xbox. The very next day LeadsOnline sent us a notification that the Xbox was sold to a local Gamestop. The Xbox was recovered and the suspect, who was already on probation, was arrested.”

Det. Marcella Mayo
Columbia County Sheriff’s Department

An Xbox purchased with a stolen credif card

“Our suspect stole a credit card from a vehicle and went to Best Buy to purchase an Xbox. On the same day, the suspect sells the Xbox for the cash We were able to track his transactions and recover the Xbox, we were also able to reverse the charges to the victims credit card, and now the suspect will be arrested pending the final paperwork and other charges.”

Public Safety Supp. Spec. Elizabeth Vasquez
Pima County Sheriff’s Department

Family provides place to stay; In appreciation, guest steals camera gear

“Sahuarita Police Department Officer A. Medina took a report detailing a suspected theft from residence of a Canon camera, Canon lens and several items of jewelry. Total value was approximated at $1,500. The victim identified a possible suspect as a person who had been living with her in the prior two months during the time he was relocating and seeking employment. Officer Medina questioned the individual who denied having any knowledge of the missing items. Four days later, assistant to Investigations D. Taylor flagged this case for follow-up. He entered a LeadsOnline search utilizing the name of the individual. The search disclosed several transactions conducted by the individual to include a television, Canon camera, Canon lens, several pieces of jewelry and other miscellaneous items. Taylor called and faxed the pawn company placing a police hold on all items related to the reported theft. He then printed a criminal history report on the suspect which divulged numerous interactions with law enforcement. This information along with the Leads Online search results and original case report were provided to Detective Sergeant J. Zamora for assignment to a detective. The case was assigned to Detective S. Bunting who recovered all relevant and available property from the pawn shop. Many of the jewelry items had already been shipped to another, out of state, branch of the pawn company. Detective Bunting did considerable follow up work with the pawn company and recovered all of the victim’s jewelry as well. The suspect was located by Detective Bunting, arrested and charged with Felony Theft. The arrestee subsequently pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing. All parties thank Leads Online for providing the platform to assist in the process of reuniting the victim with her property as well as the identification and prosecution of the suspect.”

Danny Taylor
Sahuarita Police Department

Florida crime analyst solves cases even when serial numbers are recorded incorrectly

“I was asked to locate two stolen pieces of property, a Samsung TV and a Sony PlayStation. I searched for related serial numbers and received a positive match on both. The serial numbers were off by one character. LeadsOnline saved me lots of time since I did not have to manually search different serial number variations. It only took an extra 2 seconds.”

Jennifer Scavotto
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

Four suspects. Eight felony charges. $94,000 recovered.

“Meticulously utilizing LeadsOnline I was able to arrest four suspects. A total of eight felony charges, including four burglary charges and four grand larceny over $10,000 charges were filed, and another department was able to make three charges based off the same case. This case was a multi-jurisdictional residential burglary and almost $94,000 in property was recovered thanks to LeadsOnline.”

Jason Tapp
Spartanburg Department of Public Safety
South Carolina

Busting a family tradition of pawning stolen items

“During another investigation, I noticed some suspicious pawn transactions from a mother, son, and daughter. This Stillwater family had pawned numerous MP3 players and video cameras at several different Oklahoma City pawn shops. These transactions were all within 3-4 days and spread out across several pawn shops in the OKC area. There were approximately 15-20 similar electronic items pawned. I contacted the company that sold the specific MP3 player and learned the mother currently worked at a Return Center in Stillwater and was one of their more `trusted employees.` I also learned of large amounts of electronic products mysteriously disappearing from the company, in which the company’s own investigation had yielded no viable suspects. After showing the management the recent pawn transactions from LeadsOnline, they determined this trusted employee (and some of her co-workers) were actually embezzling large amounts of electronics from the company. LeadsOnline is one of my favorite investigative tools when dealing with property crimes. Now if only the REST of the investigation went as easy!”

Paul Priegel
Stillwater Police Department

Suspects developed in residential B&E

“While investigating a residential B&E, I not only located the property that was reported stolen, but property the owner had not even noticed as missing. We have two suspects developed and are anticipating successful prosecution as well as recovery of victim’s property.”

Lisa Mead-O’Connor
Union County Sheriff’s Office

LeadsOnline helps Ohio police link suspects to multi-jurisdictional burglaries

“While searching for property in three burglaries with no leads or physical evidence, I was able to locate and recover property from one with LeadsOnline. While developing a suspect that also sold property from burglaries in an adjoining county and has become suspect in cases in a second adjoining county and likely a third county. The case is building and hoping to potentially take a RICO case and prosecute. Thanks LeadsOnline!”

Lisa Mead-O’Connor
Union County Sheriff’s Office

Expensive earrings recovered and returned

“Two suspects recently stole a $2,500 pair of earrings from a Gold & Silver store. Using LeadsOnline, I was able to locate the earrings pawned by the suspects at a nearby pawn shop within a couple of hours of the theft. Using the Hold Forms provided by LeadsOnline, I placed a hold on the earrings, recovered the earrings, and returned them to the owner. This would not have been possible without the assistance and services provided by LeadsOnline.”

Robert Powell
Euless Police Department

First LeadsOnline search finds stolen property

“During my very first search using LeadsOnline I was able to locate several items that had been stolen during a burglary. It not only enabled me to find my suspect but it also enabled me to return the stolen property to its rightful owner before it was resold and gone forever. I love quality tools that help me to do good work fast. LeadsOnline is definitely one of those tools.”

Daniel Wentzel
Ft. Carson Police

Alabama police recover $37,000 in stolen jewelry

“More than $37,000 in stolen jewelry was recovered thanks to the hard work of Deputy Arthur Jeames of the Hale County Sheriff’s Office in Greensboro, Alabama. Deputy Jeames ran the suspect’s name through LeadsOnline and was able to not only find the rings, but also the pawn shop had a picture of the suspect holding the stolen rings in her hand!”

Bevely Hamilton
Hale County Sheriff’s Office

Law Enforcement, Gamestop, U.S. Postal Service, and LeadsOnline work together to catch crooks

“Unknown actor(s) were stealing mail, including checks written by the victims to pay bills, from mailboxes in Johnson County. The actor(s) were taking the information from the checks and printing up new checks. While investigating the identity theft, I discovered one of the fraudulent checks had been written to Gamestop for more than $300.00. I contacted Loss Prevention at Gamestop and requested the serial number for the unit that had been purchased with the fraudulent check. Once I received this information, I checked the serial number through LeadsOnline and located the unit which had been pawned. After checking out the suspect, I learned he had been arrested for fraud and other offenses in the past. I shared this information with an investigator at the U.S. Postal Inspector’s Office. It turned out this individual was responsible for mail theft and identity theft in numerous jurisdictions; therefore, it was adopted by the U.S. Postal Inspector’s Office and filed through the federal courts. …All because of LeadsOnline!”

Cindy McGuire
Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

Kentucky State Police track down credit card thief

“While working a credit card theft/fraudulent use of a credit card case, I hit a snag in identifying the unknown male subject who had been using the cards. All I had to identify the male suspect was a date of birth, which was given when the suspected used the debit card to purchase a large quantity of cigarettes at a business. I entered this date of birth into LeadsOnline and found only three subjects who have sold items with that date of birth. After checking these subjects through our driver’s license database, I found only one subject that matched the description of the suspect that had been fraudulently using the debit cards. I ended up going to his residence and found all of the debit cards and ID’s that were stolen, along with several pieces of merchandise within his home that were purchased with the stolen debit cards. Charges are still pending in this case.”

Heather Hibbitts
Kentucky State Police

Kentucky police reunite boy with his game system

“A state trooper asked me to conduct some searches on LeadsOnline relating to a burglary case he was working. The stolen items included a Wii system and some games. They belonged to a young boy of around 11 years old. I was able to find the system and the games and the trooper picked them up and returned them to the young boy that night. The boy was so appreciative of our work that he tried to give the trooper one of his basketball trophies! I received an email the next day from the trooper telling me the little boy said to tell me thanks.”

Melinda Thompson
Kentucky State Police, Post 6

And your little friend, too

“A residential burglary occurred in late September 2009. Latent print evidence was recovered that eventually identified a suspect in the case. Further investigation revealed that the suspect had two known associates, one of which had no prior criminal record. A pawning check using LeadsOnline of that individual found that he had pawned identical property stolen from the victim’s home the day of the residential burglary. He was subsequently found and arrested for Trafficking in Stolen Property. From that arrest and booking, his prints were now in the system and a positive I.D. was made of his prints at the crime scene. He’s now facing felony charges – as is his partner. Thanks LeadsOnline!”

Steve Parken
Lake Forest Park Police Department

CSI van burglarized, Laredo Police use LeadsOnline to find the bad guys

“The Laredo Police Department received a Burglary of Vehicle call. The suspect had broken into the Webb County Medical Examiner van and stolen multiple items including a digital Kodak M530 camera. The police report was filed and a CSI responded to the scene and lifted several prints. We didn’t have a suspect and the AFIS Examiner was loaded with work so we decided to check on LeadsOnline. The Laredo Police Department Investigators found information that a suspect had pawned the camera. The suspect was brought to headquarters for an interview and he confessed to the crime. He also implicated two other suspects. Investigators were able to obtain five (5) Warrants for Burglary of Vehicle C/A, Theft. All suspects were arrested. Thanks to LeadsOnline we were able to stop these burglars that were causing the Laredo Police Department headaches.”

Ricardo Tanguma
Laredo Police Department

LeadsOnline is the go-to system for stolen property

“I have recovered THREE stolen X-Box gaming systems from three separate burglaries over the past few months using LeadsOnline! I thought my case had hit a dead end, until this happened. It just goes to show; you never know when something is going to pop up! This is my go-to website for any case that I have involving stolen property. We ALL use it, and we ALL love it. Thank you SO much!”

Tyler Robinson
Macedon Police Department
New York

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