Father and son team busted in Virginia Beach grand larceny after officer ran jewelry through LeadsOnline

“A burglary from a residence was reported earlier this year. The jewelry was found through LeadsOnline one month later with a very clear picture of the items. The victim was able to easily identify her stolen property. Unfortunately, the jewelry was melted down before recovery, but this led to the arrest of a father and son for the burglary, grand larceny, sale of stolen property, and fraud.”

Ofc. Peter Anoia
Virginia Beach Police Department

More than $50,000 dollars in recoveries for these Mississippi cases crossing jurisdictional lines

“Between May and June of this year our county experienced a rash of burglaries and thefts involving antique items, recreational vehicles, weapons, and a quantity of expensive jewelry items. As a normal investigative technique LeadsOnline was researched on a daily basis to determine if any of the stolen items would surface. Within days items associated with our thefts and burglaries began to be sold at various businesses within 100 miles of our location. Using the information provided by LeadsOnline, we were able to arrest five suspects. Investigations in two surrounding counties dovetailed into our investigation and by their access to LeadsOnline they too have solved several theft and burglary cases in their jurisdictions. The value of our recoveries alone have exceeded $50,000 in this one case.”

Deputy Sheriff David Blackwell
Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

Suspect strikes twice in theft cases

“There were some guns stolen at a residence, and then a month later, a generator was stolen from a deer camp. I checked LeadsOnline and found the generator, and I also found two of the stolen guns from the other burglary, and I was able to make the arrest. It was the same person who committed both crimes. Thanks LeadsOnline!!”

Chief Dep. Pete Richardson
Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office

Georgia police hail LeadsOnline as the best crime fighting tool

“Another case solved thanks to LeadsOnline. I was assigned a case involving a vehicle break-in. All leads were exhausted and the case was placed on inactive status. While doing my daily LeadsOnline review, I received an NCIC hit for our agency. The hit was for a firearm that had been stolen out of the vehicle in my case. The firearm was recovered, returned to the owner and an arrest was made. This would not have been possible without LeadsOnline. This is the best crime fighting tool and service for property crime investigators that I have come across in my 24 year career in law enforcement.”

Inv. Steve Kimbel
Madison County Sheriff’s Office

Stolen firearms returned to victim within three days of initial theft

“One of our officers took a burglary report where multiple guns were stolen from a residence. I received this case and used LeadsOnline to locate all the weapons at a nearby business. LeadsOnline allowed me to gather more information on a suspect that I was already looking at. After the victim made a positive identification on the weapons, I tracked down the suspect and was able to gather a full confession. This suspect has committed several thefts recently, and I am pleased to announce that his bond has been revoked, and he will be in jail and off the streets for quite some time. Thanks to LeadsOnline, I closed a case with an arrest and returned all property to the victim within three days. Thanks again LeadsOnline.”

Inv. Michael Kane
Weaver Police Department

The hotel may be deserted, but the Police Department sure is active

“One of our patrol officers spotted a car backed into a deserted hotel on the outskirts of town. Upon investigation, the car was found to be a hotbed of stolen copper wire. Suspects had entered the hotel and begun stripping copper products from various sources, defacing most of the property in the process. I used LeadsOnline to search the tag off of the car, and I was able to find three crooks selling the copper pipes and wire to an area scrap yard. Interviews and fingerprints have led to the arrest of two suspects for the copper thefts, and there are two more arrests pending. We couldn’t have done it without LeadsOnline!”

Det. Brad Handley
Eureka Springs Police Department

Fool me once? Nope. You can’t fool me even once with LeadsOnline in my corner

“A suspect was scrapping an odd amount of copper with peculiar frequency and regularity. We had discovered, using LeadsOnline, that the crook had been scrapping various copper and brass products over a six month time period. We were able to determine that the subject had stolen $180,000 worth of scrap metal from his employer. After his arrest, he was released on bond, but his criminal activity continued. After being contacted in reference to a burglary, I was able to locate the same suspect pawning his ex-wife’s $6,000 ring set after breaking into her home and stealing the items. Once again, LeadsOnline directed us to the ring set where police confiscated the item. He was once again arrested. Thanks LeadsOnline! Scoreboard: Copper Thief – 0 points, Detective Moore and LeadsOnline – 2 points.”

Det. Brad Moore
Georgetown Police Department

Suspect arrested for scrapping and selling stolen property across state lines

“I recently conducted a burglary and theft investigation and because of LeadsOnline, I was able to make an arrest and obtain a confession from the suspect. The suspect had broken into an elderly man’s residence and stolen well over $3,000 worth of property including a surround systems, tools, a handmade barbeque grill with wheels, a 10-foot trailer, washing machine and dryer, Canon digital camera, etc… Through the course of the investigation, a potential suspect was developed, and his driver’s license number was checked through the system. It was discovered he pawned several of the stolen items in Memphis, Tennessee. Morris also sold property to a scrap yard in Osceola that was also stolen from the residence. Without the use of LeadsOnline, I don’t believe I would have been able to make an arrest or recover any property. ”

Det. Corporal Chris Ellis
Osceola Police Department

Officer shows great dedication to law enforcement

“In April, Officer Brauner was researching scrap sales on LeadsOnline and discovered the sale of new copper bus bars. Officer Brauner’s investigation revealed the theft of over $30,000.00 worth of material stolen from the complainant. The complainant said in a letter they never suspected the material was being stolen and the process was extremely quick and efficient. Officer Brauner’s investigation resulted in the arrest of two suspects and the recovery of $1214.72 worth of material. I would like to commend Officer K.B Brauner for his hard work and dedication to the citizens of Houston, Harris County, Texas.”

Sgt. Jesse Fite
Houston Police Department

Using LeadsOnline, detective was able to recover $50,000 in utility property sold and up for auction on eBay

“We were investigating a half dozen burglaries to utility company substations where the suspects stole a large number of power tools and copper wire. Using LeadsOnline, we were able to locate a large number of the stolen items being sold on eBay. LeadsOnline helped us identify the suspects’ eBay accounts as well as complete an inventory of stolen items that had already been sold on eBay and ones that were still up for auction. With the assistance of LeadsOnline, we were able to arrest both subjects and they are now looking at multiple felonies; and we recovered almost $50,000 in utility property! Thanks LeadsOnline!”

Det. Chris Loudon
Lisle Police Department

Verona PD recover $4,000 worth of stolen tools

“LeadsOnline helped me locate approximately $4,000 worth of stolen electrical tools, and arrest two individuals, resulting in several felony charges. The recovery of these tools alone relieved the victim business of the hardship that was caused by the theft, and allowed them to continue with their operations. Without LeadsOnline, all of the suspects would not have been identified, and the majority of the tools would not have been recovered. The majority of my theft and burglary cases start by utilizing LeadsOnline! Thank you!”

Officer Travis Wetter
Verona Police Department

Department stores targeted by high end vacuum thief

“I located a Dyson vacuum that was sold about 40 minutes after it was stolen from a Kohl’s Department Store. Information obtained from the transaction led me to the suspect’s friend, who drove him to the Kohl’s Department Store. The suspect was subsequently arrested for burglary and two counts of felony retail theft. This information also helped obtain charges on the same suspect for thefts in surrounding jurisdictions.”

Det. Shaun Knight
Lake Zurich Police Department

Suspect steals copper wiring from employer for quick cash

“The victimized business in this investigation filed a larceny report believing that some of their employees were stealing copper house wire. A list was compiled by the victim and submitted in the initial report. Detective Rios searched through LeadsOnline and found that one of the victim’s employees scrapped a large amount of copper house wire. Detective Rios obtained tickets and photos of each transaction that showed exactly what the suspect sold. The victim identified all the wiring in the photos as wiring the company keeps in stock for their electrical contracting business. The victim reviewed his inventory which showed that the suspect was taking more wire than what was needed for the jobs. It was then determined that the amount of copper wire stolen amounted to $3,581. The suspect then sold/scrapped the same wiring and received a total amount of $1,982. A warrant was issued for the suspect’s arrest for Embezzlement and Obtaining Property by False Pretenses. He was apprehended and invoked his right to remain silent. There is more follow up to conduct regarding possible associates and other thefts.”

Det. Wilbur Oneal
Raleigh Police Department
North Carolina

Police discover retail thieves and secondhand clerk working together

“While working a burglary case, I found similar items being sold at a local business. Further investigation revealed these were not the items; however, after going back approximately 10 months, it was found this subject and another girl had pawned about $50,000 worth of new items. I was able to determine the Rosetta Stone items had been shipped to a local Target, and while working with their loss prevention, they were able to go back on video and see the suspects on tape stealing these items. After making the arrest on the two suspects, we discovered the pawn shop clerk was also involved, and with the help of Target loss prevention donating items to be sold, we were able to make an arrest on the pawn shop clerk. We recovered approximately $5,000 worth of items that the shop still had.”

Inv. Bryant Hinson
Richland County Sheriff’s Department
South Carolina

Business catches employee stealing $1,700 worth of property

“I investigated a breach of trust type of case in which a company’s employee had been removing property from the business and selling it to pawn shops for cash. The victim was unaware of exactly how much property had been stolen at the time of the report. Using the employees name to search, I discovered that the employee had sold approximately $1,700 worth of property and lawn care equipment to multiple pawn shops. The victim was able to identify all of their property, and it was quickly recovered. This discovery resulted in an arrest.”

Det. Brian Smith
Lexington County Sheriff’s Department
South Carolina

$23,000 worth of property recovered for business before they even knew it was stolen

“I was reviewing the results of a search when I noticed one gentleman sold several 1000 lb electric hoists, brand new in the box, at one of our local secondhand stores. A little research on the hoists revealed only one business in the area that sold such equipment. I contacted the business and asked them to conduct a physical inventory of their hoists. A total of nine hoists were missing from the shelves, the exact same number that had been sold at the secondhand store. The person who sold the equipment turned out to be the shipping and receiving manager for the company. He was arrested and charged for the thefts, and the company was able to recover approximately $23,000 worth of inventory they didn’t even know was missing. Without LeadsOnline, the crime might not have been discovered at all, or may have come to light after the property had been liquidated.”

Det. Patrick Sutherland
Toledo Police Department

Raleigh detective uses LeadsOnline to stop a team of thieves from a multitude of consecutive thefts

“I was notified by management of two music stores that they were experiencing a rash of thefts concerning guitars in the local area. I was given a list of guitars that had been reported stolen. In review of the property listed as stolen, it was learned that there was a group of individuals specifically targeting music centers for mandolins and Stratocasters. LeadsOnline was able to assist in locating several of these guitars that were reported stolen and also identified/located additional music equipment that was not previously reported as being stolen. Four suspects that are known to each other and are operating together were identified. A multitude of music equipment and instruments were returned to the victims within a short amount of time. Property was located all throughout Wake County and Cumberland County. All four suspects were located and arrested. Another success with the assistance of LeadsOnline. ”

Det. Wilbur Oneal
Raleigh Police Department
North Carolina

Stolen gun found one year later with NCIC hit

“On December 29, 2009, I responded to a burglary involving a stolen firearm, a Phoenix .22 caliber semi automatic. I quickly developed a lead and subsequently made an arrest and charged a female with the burglary, however she did not disclose the location of the stolen firearm. Almost exactly one year later, on 27th day of December 2010, the said stolen firearm was recovered in a local pawn shop with the help of LeadsOnline NCIC Hits. Thanks to LeadsOnline for helping take another stolen firearm off the street, and making the community and our police officers safer with the weapon back in our hands and not in the hands of the bad guys.”

Det. C.L. Buttrick
Marmet Police Department
West Virginia

Time to fess up

“I was able to arrest a subject last week after recovering over 15 items on LeadsOnline.

The suspect started using ‘crack’ about six months ago and to support his habit he stole jewelry, guns, video games and several other items from neighbors and family members. With the help of LeadsOnline, I recovered almost all of the stolen items.

I was also able to get a confession once I showed [the suspect] the pawn tickets from your system. As a result, warrants were issued yesterday.”

Thank you.”

Det. Sgt. Keith Stumpf
Woodson Terrace Police Department

LeadsOnline reveals cybercrime and shoplifting operation in Minnesota

“I just signed up for my LeadsOnline trial this week. I was looking for information on obtaining user information to an eBay account, and before starting the subpoena process with eBay, I saw the link to try eBay First Responder through LeadsOnline. Looking for a resource that may expedite my investigation, I gave LeadsOnline a try. In no time at all, I received a call from a representative who was very helpful in setting up my account and giving me a quick tutorial on how to use the program. After ending our call, I put the suspect’s eBay seller account name into the database and received the information I had planned on not receiving for several weeks had I requested information via a subpoena. Two days later, a neighboring agency and I arranged an undercover meeting with the suspect. The suspect was later arrested after admitting she was selling stolen merchandise. A subsequent search of the suspect’s house found many stolen items and revealed the suspect was involved in a large shoplifting operation that involved approximately 12 stores in our area. I’m very appreciative that I found this resource! I know it will be beneficial in the future as well!”

Det. Derek Randall
Cloquet Police Department

Speedy customer services helps an Alabama detective track down stolen property

“While investigating numerous thefts, I contacted LeadsOnline because I was unable to run a search through eBay listings to look for stolen property. I use LeasdsOnline on a regular basis; however, I have never conducted a search for user ID info through the eBay search. I emailed LeadsOnline with a question and was contacted almost immediately. The employee explained to me how to get the information I was requesting. I was able to search and pull up all listings for the suspect which included numerous suspected stolen items. I later interviewed the suspect and obtained a confession on how she stole all these items from a local store. I used the listings to verify everything she stole. I was able to recover some of the stolen property and return it to its owner. By using LeadsOnline, I was able to identify numerous other stolen items besides what was originally reported, and then make an arrest.”

Det. Darren Wolters
Normal Police Department

Police identify mystery woman in Georgia auto theft

“I worked a case that involved a female renting a vehicle using a fraudulent identification and refusing to bring it back. The suspect’s true identity was unknown and no surveillance footage was available at the rental location. I reviewed surveillance footage from the business which showed the fraudulently obtained vehicle enter the parking lot just prior to the transaction found in LeadsOnline. A photo lineup was provided to the car rental employee who picked the suspect out. Arrest warrants were taken out on the suspect.”

Sgt. Cody Smith
College Park Police Department

Washington police arrest “victim”; solve insurance fraud case using LeadsOnline

“Today, I found out from Auburn PD that the person who pawned the property stole from an Auburn burglary was, in fact, the victim. That pretty much explains why he drove to Bellevue to pawn his stuff. Not surprisingly, he has a long history of arrests in Auburn. That list of arrests will get longer this week since the Auburn detective is going to arrest him for insurance fraud.”

Det. Gregory Bean
Bellevue Police Department

Catching cooks and smurfers

“I just wanted to let y’all know that this service is invaluable to my meth investigations. LeadsOnlabs has led me in the right direction several times and, more times than not, an arrest or a confidential informant was developed based on intelligence I gathered using the system. I use the information gathered from LeadsOnlabs as a tool to just not get the smurfers buying the pills, but also getting the cooks recruiting the smurfers.

Thanks again for providing us Law Enforcement with an easy-to-use tool that I could not go without now!”

Texas-based Multi-State Narcotic Task Force

Detective uses LeadsOnlabs MethMonitor to charge five with conspiracy to manufacture meth

“There I was, just minding my own business. I received a phone call from a patrol deputy. He stated that he had just executed a traffic stop on a vehicle in Heber Springs. The deputy told me that among other items, he found several blister packs and a pharmacy bag with several Sudafed pills in it. I acquired the identification information of the subjects in the vehicle. Through LeadsOnlabs’ MethMonitor, I found that a total five people had purchased the pills at the pharmacy within a few minutes of each other. I went to the pharmacy and retrieved copies of the security video that confirmed that the five people purchased within minutes of each other. Four of them arrived in the same vehicle. The fifth person walked to the vehicle in the parking lot and handed her pills to a passenger in the car.

So thanks to LeadsOnlabs MethMonitor, I was able to charge five people with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine. All five suspects ultimately pled guilty to the charges.”

Inv. Sgt. Jack Smith
Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office

LeadsOnline helps identify suspect selling meth in Oregon

“Suspect was arrested after he had been stealing jewelry and pawning it. The suspect had meth, scales, and packaging material in his possession. He admitted to selling and told us how he packaged it for sale. He was charged and lodged for Theft by Receiving six times, Theft I, MCS, DCS, and PCS Meth. Most of the jewelry was recovered.”

Annette Cunningham
Medford Police Department

LeadsOnline helps solve serious case

“During the investigation of an aggravated sexual assault of a child, LeadsOnline helped me find a current address for my suspect which lead to his arrest. Thanks, LeadsOnline!”

Cpl. Francisco Sanchez
Anson Police Department